[Best] Time and Locations for Lavender pictures in Provence

Planning to fly to Provence this summer, here are advice to get the most from your lavender photo session in Provence.

This is a summarized article about how and where to get the best picture in Provence Lavender fields. Find in-depth information about planning your lavender fields photo session in this blog post: https://wildroses.fr/lavender-love-provence-post-wedding-photo/

You can find below a list of the best accommodations for your vacations in the Lavender of Provence


Best time of the year for lavender vacation

To get the best lavender pictures, with the deepest purple and colorful fields, late June to mid-July. It varies from year to year, but it is the best timing on average. Before this period, lavender hasn’t fully blossomed. After it, fields are harvested.

Blossom periods vary depending on the location, here is a map on the main zones :


provence elopement wedding blossom lavender fields season


Map from Move Your Alps. More information about the best lavender fields season and places on



Provence Lavender fields couple family photo session 3119



The best locations for your lavender photo session

As I am based on the French Riviera (2.5 hours drive from Valensole) I tend to work between Valensole and Moustiers-Saint-Marie. I have a list of location where I love to go for pictures in the lavender (house, tree, lake, mountains view). But you can find amazing fields from 45 minutes drive from Aix-en -Provence up to the Alps.

Here is a map of my favorite locations :

Provence lavender fields best shooting locations


Best time for lavender pictures

What is the best time of the day for pictures in the lavender fields? For gorgeous golden light, sunset or sunrise.  Add to the excellent light lower temperature and less overcrowded fields. While waiting for this timing you can discover Provence, and enjoy a tour on the lake.
If you fly from the US or Canada, you might feel sleepy early morning (even more if you fly from California), thus sunset should be the best time for you.

Accommodation near lavender fields

If you plan to stroll the lavender fields, Gordes, Valensole, and Moustier-Sainte-Marie are amazing places to visit and to stay. With hotels that offer luxury and south of France history and elegance. Driving toward Valence you will also have Sault. Around those main places, you have dozen of medieval towns with fantastic views over the valley and lavender fields.

List of the best luxury and intimate hotels close to lavender fields



Photographer for pictures in the lavender of Provence

If you have a special event (proposal, pre-wedding, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, maternity), or just because you want beautiful pictures of your beloved one. We can schedule a photo session in the lavender fields. Add to your vacation picture the magic of the purple gold. Lavender Family session with baby bump or children running in the purple fields are also lovely.

I will help you avoid the crowd, and get to locations only know by local. Thus, make sure you have an effortless fantastic session. We can plan a custom route, for you to have pictures of the most beautiful locations.

Feel free to contact me, and let me know what you would like. Don’t be shy, the more I know, the better I can help you. https://wildroses.fr/contact/


Find more lavender photo session in Provence on the blog: https://wildroses.fr/?s=lavender





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