Tender Chateau le Cagnard Proposal

That wedding proposal at Chateau Le Cagnard with its medieval charm and breathtaking hillside location, created a romantic and joyful backdrop.

Their proposal at Chateau Le Cagnard and in Haut-de-Cagnes and was simply stunning. Nestled a few miles from the seaside, this medieval town sits atop a hillside, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Despite being a last-minute plan, the evening turned out to be perfect, with the golden hues of the sunset casting a gorgeous light and a gentle breeze adding to the charm.

After their proposal, they enjoyed a delightful dinner at Chateau Le Cagnard to celebrate their engagement, savouring both the delicious cuisine and the joyous moment.

About Chateau le Cagnard

Chateau Le Cagnard stands as a unique gem on the French Riviera, nestled away from the seaside. Its charm lies in its distinctiveness, offering a tranquil escape while still being within reach of the Riviera’s vibrant energy and allure.

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