Eze Chèvre d’Or Intimate Elopement

On the picturesque hillside of Eze, we orchestrated a truly intimate and romantic elopement, gazing out towards the vast expanse of the sea. Their closest circle, comprising parents and a brother, enveloped them in warmth, turning the occasion into a profoundly sweet family affair.

Although the initially planned elopement ceremony at the summit of Eze’s exotic garden had to be relocated, the new location only enhanced the magic of the moment. Despite the change in ceremony location, the couple still savoured a mesmerising first look and captured cherished family moments amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Eze’s Exotic Garden. Surrounded by the lush beauty of their surroundings, the ceremony unfolded, accompanied by tears of joy and an overwhelming sense of love. The breathtaking intimacy of the scene was heightened by the radiant sunset.

Chèvre d’Or wedding dinner

As the celebration continued, the couple, now officially wed, retreated to the enchanting Chèvre d’Or for their elopement dinner, creating a perfect blend of romance and scenic beauty to cherish forever.

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