[French Alps Mountains] Engagement, couple and Pre-wedding session

If you love the mountains, Chamonix, Mont Blanc, Swiss and French Alps are the perfect places for a photo session. Enjoy an ENGAGEMENT or COUPLE SESSION to photograph your love and keep gorgeous pictures. They also offer amazing WEDDING venues, form luxury hotel around lake Lemman to intimate Alps villas and lodges.



Chamonix couple session pictures and wedding photographer

If you love the mountains, Chamonix, Mont Blanc is must-see places. From the top of the Pic du Midi, the view of the mountains is magical. It is like flying over the mountains. It is the perfect location for a couple or pre-wedding photo session. You also have luxury hotels and wedding venues around Chamonix and Geneva, for elegant and architectural pictures.


Wedding Day After Photo Session Mountains Auron Alpes 1528


Lac Leman couple, engagement and wedding pictures

Close to the Alps mountains, you can enjoy you couple session by the Lake. It is so peaceful and relaxing to be in Swiss Alps,  surrounded by giant mountains with the feet in the water. Between Geneva (and his airport) and Lausanne, Swiss offers a variety of beautiful old towns, forests, vineyards, and wedding venues to create unique pictures of your couple and engagement session. There always a special mood, when you are in Swiss. A touch of luxury, simplicity, and nature. You can feel that in your pictures, it catches elegance and authenticity.


Engagement Pre Wedding Session French Alps Chamonix Mont blanc 18


Mountains wedding and couple sessions in the Alps

There is some special feeling being you to in the Alps. During winter, you can have fairytale couple session, under the snow, with nature wearing is white (wedding) dress. During summer, Nature is just full of life, from crazy sunny days to intense rainy afternoons. You can mixt scenic and intimate couple pictures, enjoy a wood fire, drinking a glass of wine, champagne or a hot chocolate.

A night pre-wedding photo session in the Mountains, with the stars reflecting on lake Lemman or lake Como, is even more magic and mystical.


Engagement Pre Wedding Session French Alps Chamonix Mont blanc 19


Alps Chamonix and Lake Como Wedding photographer

If you are looking for your wedding photographer, for a wedding in the Alps, I would love to discuss with you about the pictures you would love.
How you imagine your perfect wedding, and how I could help you get the best memories of it.

Feel free to browse the blog and contact me: https://wildroses.fr/contact/


What is the best time for an Engagement, Couple session or Pre-wedding in Chamonix and the Alps?

For nature pictures, late spring or early summer are the best time of the year. As during summer, you have much more tourists.
For snowy couple pictures in the Alps, January and February are the best months (and the best time to get a lot of snow)


Ideas of Engagement, Wedding and couple sessions and pictures in the Alps



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