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Dreaming of the south of France, lavender fields in Provence or the Mediterranean sea as a background for your wedding pictures? As a wedding photographer based on the French Riviera, I could help you get the most from your wedding pictures: authentic, luminous and elegant images.

Thanks to my knowledge of wedding venues, locations and amazing light of Provence and French Riviera, I can advise you what would best match your expectations.

French Riviera Wedding Photographer

French Riviera is an amazing place, every year I meet many lovely brides and groom. I also help gentlemen or ladies planning an outstanding proposal for their love, in secret places.
All of them loving the sea, the gorgeous sunsets and the lights of the French Riviera to propose, for their wedding or both. As for them, I do love the lifestyle of the French Riviera a mix of French Style and Italian style living, you can feel those subtle details in their wedding.



Mariage Wedding Chateau Peyrassol Provence 820


Elopement Wedding Photographer on the French Riviera

More intimate than huge weddings, I also photograph elopements, two lovebirds flying to the French Riviera and Provence, to get intimacy. A wedding ceremony with only them, in a natural environment or a luxurious Wedding venue. In any case with a breathtaking view they love. Because they are only two, or with only their closest friends, they can create an even more magic and unique experience, to celebrate who they are and how they love each other.


Wedding Photography by the Sea

If you want to have your wedding on the French Riviera, it might be because you love the sea, blue sky and sunny days. Sharing with your guests a sunset over the sea, in summer, having your cocktail along the water: those detail what will make your wedding perfect.

Find below a list of gorgeous wedding venues by the sea on the French Riviera:


Wedding day after seaside French Riviera 6951


French Riviera Engagement or Pre-wedding Photo session: sun of the South of France

Your wedding might already be planed close to your home or family. Let surprise your guest with pictures by the sea, or in the lavender fields of Provence.

So as to get the nicest light and warm colors, as for wedding photography, the best time of the day to do your couple session pictures is sunset or sunrise.
Best time for pre-wedding and engagement pictures in the lavender fields of Provence in early June to early July. after mid-July, the lavender flowers start to dry and are less colorful.

Find more information about planning your engagement or pre-wedding session on the French Riviera :


Day after anniversary Wedding session French Riviera 0395


Wedding pictures in Provence

If you love the nature, French old town, the old time mood, stone wall, a wedding in Provence should be the perfect choice for you. Provence zone definition vary from site to site. For me it starts from the backcountry of Saint Tropez Golf, up to Avignon city in the North, far to Montpellier city is the West. It’s a huge zone with thousands of amazing luxurious hotel and chateau, intimate Bastides, and Villas.

Close to Saint Tropez and the French Riviera, you can find a list of amazing venues. This list includes Wedding venues by the sea and  vineyards Domains :

Mariage Wedding Croix Valmer Saint Tropez Oliveraie 2877


Post-Wedding couple session on the French Riviera

Sometimes, you weren’t able to plan your wedding overseas, in Europe or on the French Riviera. But if you love it, why not fly with your wedding dress and tuxedo to the French Rivera.
You Chose the places you love the most. We plan the post-wedding couple photo session there. The session will be without the stress of your wedding day, without all your guests. Just the two of you relaxed, in an amazing place, taking time to create memories for a lifetime.

I also love to travel to unique destinations with my amazing brides and groom. The more unique the location is, the more magic the couple session after their wedding will be.
I have been fortunate enough to fly to the French Alps, Rome, Marrakesh, Barcelona, Paris, London, Las Vegas, the Caribbean (Saint Martin), and am always looking for new amazing places.

The post-wedding session It is really about you. Think about a place you have been dreaming, or that is special for both of you. Day After or Post-wedding is something I love, because :

  • It helps you remember the magic and uniqueness of your wedding day
  • It a time for your couple (out of valentine day)
  • Often during your honeymoon and wedding anniversary, you don’t have gorgeous pictures.
  • You get other pictures of you to share with the one you love

We do so many pictures with smartphone nowadays. But most of the people don’t take time for them, to take beautiful pictures.


Lebanese wedding day after french riviera 2790


French Riviera and Provence Proposal photographer

Flying to the French Riviera and planning to propose the one you love? Find below, 10 advice to get the most from your proposal photo session on the French Riviera. I am sure you want it to be perfect. You want to offer her/him an amazing surprise, to enjoy it the best way possible and to keep nice memories and pictures from your proposal.

Once you are ready to go for the question, there are few elements to think about. Let’s plan it to make it unforgettable. As it is a surprise, you will not be able to ask her/him what She/he would prefer. So you will have to get information without notice.

Provence and French Riviera Photo session and perfect wedding proposal: https://wildroses.fr/perfect-proposal-best-memories-french-riviera-10-advices/


Surprise wedding proposal on the French Riviera 0092


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