French Riviera Sunset Yacht Proposal

Their yacht proposal at sunset on the French Riviera, amidst Baulieu-Sur-Mer, Eze, and Saint-Cap-Ferrat, was simply breathtaking.

We started with a delightful coast-line tour, even with a strong wind, it added to the charm of the moment. During the sail, they were absolutely lovely, exchanging affectionate glances, cuddling, sharing kisses, and wearing radiant smiles that lit up the entire boat.

Yacht proposal in serene bay

After the 3 bays tour, we reached the serene Paloma beach bay, the yacht gently stopped. We swiftly set up a beautiful display of flowers at the bow, all while being discreet about it. Once ready, Christopher brought Alicia, got down on one knee and proposed her. What a heartfelt and magical moment it turned out to be! Everything was meticulously planned – from the elegant boat to the enchanting flowers, creating a magical ambiance. And to add that extra touch, we got special Prosecco from Italy, near Venice, making the whole experience unforgettable.

After that emotional moment, we let them savor the delightful Prosecco and the turquoise waters as they basked in the joy of their engagement. Capturing even more cherished memories, we took extra pictures and videos to immortalize the magic of their French Riviera Yacht Proposal. As the sun began to set, we sailed back, the gentle breeze and the warm hues of the sky providing a perfect ending to an enchanting day on the French Riviera.

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