Gentlemen Lavender Wedding Anniversary [Valensole]

After a proposal at lake Como, their wedding on the French Riviera, they drove to Provence’s Lavender fields for their wedding anniversary. A romantic and joyful photo session at sunset.

Lake Como proposal & seaside wedding

As they both love to travel and Alessandro is Italian, Thomas selected Lake Como for the proposal. A cold winter proposal, but a beautiful intimate proposal facing the lake. They came back to the French Riviera for their wedding, along the Mediterranean seaside. A wedding on the seafront of Eze at the Papaya Beach.

Lavender wedding anniversary pictures

As they both love nature, and Alessandro had never seen the lavender, Thomas plans a surprise photo session in the lavender, as a present for their 2 years wedding anniversary. We plan together with the session, the spot with special backdrops. To get the nicest lights (and cooler weather) we waited till sunset time for the photo session. If lavender is less purple, the overall mood is way more romantic. Strolling the lavender fields, talking, teasing each other, being themselves.

If Alessandro wasn’t at ease at first, talking, joking helped him relax and feel more comfortable.

Lavender pictures and photo session

If you plan to visit the gorgeous lavender in the South of France, let me document your memories.
You can also find helpful information and inspiration, on the blog, to get the most from your lavender trip.

Lavender photo session Valensole Provence

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