A Guide to find your Diamond Engagement Ring

You might be looking for a gorgeous engagement ring to propose your beloved one? Find in this guest article information to help you find the perfect one. You can’t go wrong with a diamond, but how to select THE one?

This post is a guest post from Altr New York, it is intended to help you understand the diamond world and find a stunning engagement ring.

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Holiday proposals between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are more popular than ever. It’s the season of joy where families gather to celebrate the festivities, creating the perfect backdrop for you to pop the question.  If it is a surprise proposal—which it likely is—the responsibility of buying the perfect engagement ring falls on you. It can get confusing if you are new to the world of diamonds or jewelry. No worries, though: here is a complete guide to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring.  

How to select the best Diamond  (4 Cs)? 

Of course, best is a matter of taste, and what your beloved one prefers. But how do you compare one diamond from another? An easy scale is the 4 Cs: Cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. They are the main factors that determine the quality of a diamond. Both mined and lab-grown diamonds are assessed through these parameters. About the sizing (linked to carat weight), sometimes a smaller high-quality diamond is better than a bigger unperfect one. If you want the ring to shine like a sun, you can also go for a Halo setting ring (like the first image of the post).

Here is a ‘4Cs’ cheat sheet you can use to assess diamonds:

  1. Cut: Diamonds should be cut perfectly if they are to sparkle with maximum brilliance.
  2. Clarity: The clarity of the diamond is affected by the amount of these inclusions. Most mined diamonds come with impurities or inclusions.
  3. Color: The absent of color in diamonds is graded from D-Z. Purest diamonds tend to be more desirable.
  4. Carat Weight: Carat weight is usually mixed up with the diamond’s size, but they aren’t the same thing. A poorly cut diamond may look smaller than a better cut stone with identical carat weight. When considering the carat weight of a diamond, take into account the cut too. 

Which Diamond shape for an engagement ring? 

The shape of the diamond is a major factor in deciding the beauty of your engagement ring. There are several shapes out in the market; this gives you a stunning variety to choose from, but this also makes this decision more complex.  Here are a few questions you should ask before choosing the shape: 

  1. Will my fiancée like this design? Would she prefer a classic round brilliant or modern heart shape? 
  2. Will this shape go well with the contour and slenderness of her fingers? 
  3. If she is going to wear this ring regularly, you’ll need a secure setting like a bezel.
Proposal Diamonds shapes

What about color? 

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Purest diamonds tend to be more desirable. If you think the color will suit your fiancée, or you have an emotional attachment to a particular color, you can go for colored diamonds. Pink, yellow, blue diamonds are rare colors. Propose with these for an extra-special moment. These diamonds are also graded according to the 4Cs.

Showcase your diamond on the ring 

There are many types and variants of settings on the market, but here are the three most popular choices. 

Prong Setting: When claws or prongs hold the diamond in place, it is called the prong setting. You can choose the number of prongs for your engagement ring, starting from 4. The lesser the prongs, the more brilliant your diamond will appear. However, keep in mind that lesser prongs also means that the edges are prone to chipping and damage. 

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Bezel Setting: A vintage setting that provides excellent protection to your stone. In a bezel setting, a thin strip of metal is hammered around the diamond to hold it in place. If your partner has an active lifestyle, this setting is best suited for them. 

Bezel diamond engagement ring

Halo Setting: One diamond too simple for her taste? Then go for this setting, which surrounds your center stone with smaller diamonds. These smaller diamonds reflect light that makes the center stone look more brilliant and larger.

Multiple diamonds engagement ring

What color of the ring and metal should you Use? 

Choosing a metal can be as confusing as choosing the diamond that crowns your ring. The strength, durability, and color of the metal are all important factors you should consider. Gold, rose gold, white and platinum are some of the commonly used metals for an engagement ring.

Choosing the metal color might get a little tricky when you’ve picked colored diamonds. Blue diamonds usually go well with white metals, while pink diamonds look excellent with rose gold.

Pink diamond engagement ring

Also, get to know her exact finger size to avoid the embarrassment of fumbling desperately during your magical moment, trying to slip on a ring that’s the wrong size for her finger! Best friends and family should know it if you don’t. Don’t overthink it, most jewelry can help you correct the size, just try to be close.

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Thank you to ALTR New York for sharing those pieces of information to everyone planning to propose. You should definitely have a look at there collection of gorgeous diamonds

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Your proposal is one of the biggest events in your life. Engagement rings set the tone for the wedding and proposal you want to want: outstanding. When you are planning a surprise proposal, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you make it perfect.

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