Seaside Wedding Proposal [South of France]

From the high mountains of Nepal to the seaside of the French Riviera, discover this fantastic seaside proposal. An intimate and romantic proposal with champagne, berries and candles, facing the sunset on the sea, pure magic.

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French Riviera Seaside Wedding Proposal

The bride-to-be (Lenka) and the groom-to-be Sujan both live and work in the high mountains of Nepal. Working in a hotel with a breathtaking view of the Himalaya mountains. As Lenka loves the sea, Sujan wanted to propose her facing this view, with the most romantic setup possible. He wanted the proposal to be all about the seaside and super intimate. The plan was to pretend to go for a stroll, enjoy the wild seaside on Cap d’Antibes and then head for surprise dinner. So we head to Chemin des Contrebandiers in Antibes. After selfies facing the sea, they walk to a beach, were red roses petals and a red box were waiting for Lenka. Once she saw it, she immediately laughs and felt emotional. Knee on this French Rivera beach Sunja proposed her. Both super happy we strolled on the seafront to do few pictures, while Lenka was realizing what just happened.

Proposal dinner facing the sun setting on the French Riviera

Sujan wanted to go the extra step to make his French Riviera seaside Proposal even more magic. So he asked me for a special setup, facing the sea, with (lots of ) candles, cushions, the best French champagne, strawberries, and raspberries. At the end of the photo session, I pretend I would like to do a last picture.  We walk down to a hidden beach. what a blast for Lenka who wasn’t expecting another surprise. Such a romantic moment, drinking the champagne, talking about the challenges they have been facing the last months. While the sun was setting on the Mediterranean sea, alone on this beach they had a fantastic evening.

We head back to the cars, once, the day was over, climbing the hill in the dark, remembering those last crazy hours.


Discover the pictures of their beautiful wedding proposal on the French Riviera.



Words from the bride :


Sujan and I met on the street of Park City one summer night. We both were accompanied by the group of our own friends but after spotting each other, innocent smiles and few words made us dance together all night long. Our company made us forget about everything – time, our friends and everything else. Feelings of love, romantic thoughts and cheesy messages – that was our world for next two week.

After that I had to leave US, and Sujan stayed. Three long months were we, strangers who knew each other for two short weeks, but lovers, who could not imagine a world without each other anymore – sharing our lives thru phones.  We did not want to lose that strong bond between us and this way ease the physical seclusion. In our hearts though, strong feelings for each other were only growing. And as they say – where there is a will there is a way, both of us decided to take a scary move towards our future together – Sujan decided to quit his job in US and I decided to move to Nepal – so we could be together. And rest is a history.

After a year and half in Nepal, where we go thru many challenges, we got engaged. It was in a beautiful, romantic cove of Antibes. Our engagement was as magical as I could ever imagine and all that beauty only underlined the promise we gave each other long time ago. Maybe on that one summer night two years ago.



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Amazing romantic and intimate wedding proposal on the French Riviera

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