Crazy Jewish wedding in Provence [Cha+Cha]

Come to the French Riviera for a gorgeous Jewish wedding, of a lovely and fun bride and groom, flying from Paris.

French Riviera Jewish wedding

Both families are living in Paris, where they had the official ceremony. For the Jewish ceremony, and wedding party, they wanted to have it by the sea, on the French Riviera. They selected one of the nicest venues of the South of France, between Provence’s vineyards and French Riviera beaches: Les Pins Penchés, near Toulon.

The bride-to-be got ready in a beautiful Grand Hôtel des Sablettes Plage overlooking the Mediterranean sea. A really relaxed mood, laughing with her friends and taking care of her little sisters. So as to make sure they were the most beautiful, they had a Jewish hairdresser and makeup team, especially flying from Paris for them. This is really perfect when the bride gets ready without stress and can fully enjoy this moment of the day. Some good champagne, and talking about the year of preparation, her friend’s weddings.All of them having jokes about their friendship and the good moments they spent together.

Jewish wedding Ceremony at Les Pins Penchés

Once ready we drove to the Wedding venue, Les Pins Penchés, in Toulon. While the groom was with the Rabbi, the Bride’s father had the first look of her in her wedding dress. To set of powerful emotions. The Huppah overlooking the mediterranean sea and the view were breathtaking, the Rabbi was excellent helped make it relaxed. With kind words for everyone. It was such a pleasure to feel the emotion of the Bride and groom, their mothers close to them, everyone cheering, laughing at happiness and enjoying the wedding ceremony. The Pin penchés is truly one of a kind venue to celebrate your wedding, with all the different places, rooms to surprise the guests.

Crazy party for the groom and bride

After the sunset ceremony (without the sun), we head to the main terrace for the cocktail. There was so much delicious food to eat. So as to make sure we would miss any moment, the Bride and Groom had us sit with there guests. We could speak with them during the dinner and know even better the lovely bride and groom. Even if the weather was cloudy and a little rainy, after the cocktail, nothing could stop the guests making the party CRAZZY. I do love photograph Jewish weddings because there is so much intensity in the party. You can feel how much people are enjoying the wedding. It sometimes becomes too intense to photograph, but wedding guests are having such an amazing time, it is awesome for the Bride and groom. During the dinner, there was an emotional part as well, as both sisters had prepared lovely speeches for the bride and groom. To make it perfect, the bride’s sister succeeds to catch the bouquet.

A lovely couple, crazy friends and family it’s all you need for an unforgettable wedding!


Thank you Cha and Cha, you were amazing!





Wedding vendors

Wedding Venue: Les Pins Penchés, Toulon, South of France
Makeup and Hair Dresser: Daniel Chavey


French Riviera Photographer Indian and Jewish Wedding

Planning your Jewish wedding on the French Riviera or Provence, I would be honored to document your memories with authentic pictures. Photograph the beauty of your wedding and the intensity of the party.

This Jewish wedding was a blast, so much incredible things were happing. So as to make sure no moment would be missed, we were to photographer documenting it, I had the pleasure to work with Benjamin,  a great Wedding photographer from Paris.




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