Lavender fields maternity session [Provence]

At the end of June, the fields of Provence around Valensole, reveal their amazing purple gems, a delicious fragrance in the air, they become the perfect place for a family session.

I had the pleasure to meet this lovely couple and their daughter, for a baby reveal family session. they wanted not to have picture of their daughter online, but she has such a lovely smile. As you can guess from the ballon colour, after their daughter they will have a boy. We joked about a lot with the father. He was so happy and proud to have a son. The perfect combo for both of them.

When the lavender season start, I always love to drive to the high Provence fields for couple and family session. Driving from crowed French Riviera to natural landscapes, old towns, lakes. Getting their during the day for colourful pictures or waiting for sunset, and its crazy orange, purple colours. Depending of where you drive, you can meet sunflowers wheat fields.


Want to plan your perfect photo session in the lavender fields of Provence ? You will found information about when and where you can do it on the following the page :

If you like the pictures on my blog, I would be pleased to help you get the most from your lavender field discovery. An easy and fast photo session, that could be done during your trip to the French Riviera or Provence.


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