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Provence Wedding [Chateau Sainte Roseline]

Fall in love with this late summer wedding in Provence. A joyful wedding surrounded by friends and Families hosted in the beautiful chateau Sainte Roseline vineyard.

Destination wedding in Provence

Their international story started when the both flew to Switzerland to continue their study. She flew from China, he flew from France. A lovely and fun romance in the mountains that lead to this gorgeous event in the South of France. As the groom is from French Riviera, they selected the lovely Chateau Sainte Roseline as their wedding venue.

The wedding was all about joy and emotion, as the bride and groom are, with tears and laughs along their lovely journey.
Late summer in Provence in a fantastic time for a wedding, less heat, less tourists, but gorgeous nature and vineyard at their best. This time of the year also bring its own fantastic colors and lights.


Wedding vendors Team

Wedding Venue: Chateau Sainte Roseline
Décoration & Flower: Deco & Harmonie Wedding Designer
DJ and Band: Son’or
Catering: Matyasy
Wedding Photographer: WildRoses

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