Stunning Bollywood Saint Tropez Yacht Proposal

Their Saint Tropez yacht proposal was beautiful, featuring a romantic picnic and Champagne setup against the backdrop of the stunning Mediterranean coast.

The proposal was the culmination of months of meticulous planning, as they set sail from the picturesque port of Saint-Tropez and glided toward Canoubiers’ bay, bathed in the warm hues of the golden hour and Bollywood music played on the yacht.

With swift precision, WildRoses team transformed the bow into a romantic haven with flowers, decorations, and a picnic, all while they were sipping renowned Saint-Tropez Rosé from Chateau Minuty. Amidst gentle waves, Yash knelt down checking, but the proposal went flawlessly, sealed with a heartfelt “yes.”

They reclined, basking in the post-proposal glow and the breathtaking sunset behind the Gulf’s mountainous backdrop, toasting their happiness with Champagne—a moment of sheer beauty and love. Their yacht proposal in Saint-Tropez was a mesmerising journey, sailing back under the starlit sky with the coastal houses’ lights shimmering on the tranquil waters of the Gulf.

Planning and Photography : WildRoses Studio
Flowers : Antonia Fleur d’Azur
Picnic basket : Les Jardin de la comtesse

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