Saint-Tropez beach Proposal

Their proposal and beach picnic in Saint-Tropez was simply incredible, with an intimate setting, stunning flowers, and them overflowing with pure joy and happiness.

Romantic and Joyful Saint-Tropez Proposal

We planned, with Mark, their gorgeous Saint-Tropez beach proposal. Having in mind, a stunning view a sunset, intimacy and a romantic setup. As they were walking on the beach. The air was filled with the sweet scent of beautiful flowers carefully arranged around their picnic blanket, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. after few heartfelt words, Mark got down on bended knee, presenting a stunning ring, and the sheer joy on Kaylee’s face was indescribable

As they savored delicious treats and toasted to their future, their smiles and laughter filled the air, creating a joyful ambiance that perfectly mirrored their love. It was a truly magical moment, capturing the essence of their connection amidst the breathtaking beauty of Saint Tropez.

Champagne picnic on a Saint-Tropez’ beach

Their champagne picnic near Saint-Tropez beach was the epitome of romance. With a picturesque backdrop of golden sand and azure waters, a beautifully arranged display of flowers adorned their picnic spot, adding a touch of elegance and charm. As they clinked glasses, sipped on champagne, and enjoyed delectable bites, the soft sea breeze and the sound of waves provided the perfect soundtrack to their intimate and unforgettable moment of love.

Saint-Tropez Photographer

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Their Saint Tropez Yacht proposal was beautiful, featuring a romantic picnic and Champagne setup against the backdrop of the stunning Mediterranean coast.

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