Saint Tropez to Sainte Roseline Wedding

There are little weddings, where you go to the ceremony on a Riva boat, in on the nicest bay of the French Riviera: the Saint Topez gulf. And this is only one of the many unique and amazing details of Morgane and Alex wedding between Saint Tropez seaside and Chateau Saint Roseline in Provence.

Summer memories in Port Grimaud

The groom’s parents have a summer house in Port-Grimaud, where the groom spent many of his holidays, riding various boats from their house to Saint Tropez. It is there that a few years ago the bride and groom met while partying in the famous French Riviera town. I started the wedding day by the groom and groomsmen preparation, with a relaxed and fun mood. We then “sail” from Port Grimaud to Saint Tropez, where the bride was getting ready.

The wedding ceremony and first cocktail in Saint Tropez

They had a beautiful religious ceremony in Saint-Tropez’s church. A colorful building hidden in the little streets of the historic town.  To make the ceremony even nicer, they had their family and kids singing. After the ceremony, all the gest walk through the town to a small and intimate place. They had the cocktail facing the sea. We even had the group shot surrounded by the sea and having Saint Tropez, century-old walls as a backdrop.

Dinner and party at wedding venue Chateau Sainte Roseline

After the group pictures, bride and groom ride back to Port-Grimaud on the Riva boat. it was time to have fun, enjoy the sea and the view. So as to have a gorgeous dinner and party, they had selected Chateau Sainte Roseline, surrounded by a vineyard, as their wedding venue. We drove from Port Grimaud to the venue, small roads winding in the south of France scrubland. For intimacy, they had a second wedding cocktail in the cloister of Chateau Sainte Roseline. It was then followed by the dinner in the garden. Guest could enjoy the French meal, in front of the mansion, beautifully lit. As they both love to dance, after emotional speeches they continue the day with a crazy party!


Thank you so much Morgane and Alexandre, your wedding was amazing and I did enjoy every moment of the day.




Please enjoy the “Same day edit” slideshow (showed before the wedding party), with a music selected by the bride and groom





Wedding photographer near Saint Tropez and Sainte Roseline

If you plan to have a joyful wedding, with emotion and fun, and like those pictures, I would love to document it. Feel free to send me a message with lots of details about your wedding.
It helps me understand what you want and photograph what you value the most.


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