Wedding Proposal in Saint Tropez [Seaside]

They flew from Denver Colorado to French Riviera, so as to enjoy the seaside of famous Riviera’s towns from Saint Tropez (South of France) to the Cinque Terre (Italy). Those towns are the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding proposal

With Eric, we planned in a week the surprise wedding proposal in Saint Tropez, found an intimate place where he would pop the question and propose her, and a customed stroll between Saint Tropez historic old town streets and port. Of course, Kerrie was expecting something during their travel to Europe but wasn’t expecting it so soon, and was amazed by the stunning ring (Excellent choice from the groom-to-be). You can’t go wrong with such a beautiful diamond!

Intimate and colorful proposal in Saint Tropez

Most of the groom-to-be want intimacy for their wedding proposal, Saint Tropez is often overcrowded, even in summer. So as to avoid the crowd of Saint Tropez’s port the little streets of the old town are perfects! The buildings are century old and colorful, it really stands out as a typical south of France seaside village. The beautiful colors ranging from pastel yellow to deep reds, with typical blue shutters. We finished the proposal photo session facing the bay of Saint Tropez and the Mediterranean sea, with the last rays of the sunset.

Thank you so much, Kerrie and Eric, for your trust, it was a pleasure document you lovely wedding proposal in Saint Tropez for you.





If like me, you wonder the bride-to-be perfect wedding, as a Colorado girl, she dreams to have a wedding in the mountains, might be a winter wedding on the ski slopes and in a luxurious ski resort of Colorado or facing the amazing mountains of Boulder. I can’t wait to see the pictures of their wedding!


Wedding proposal session on the French Riviera

If you planned to propose in Saint Tropez or would like to plan the perfect wedding proposal on the French Riviera, I would be pleased to help you work on the detail, to make sure it is an easy and amazing moment.
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To help you plan your wedding proposal in the South of France, you can read the following article :


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