Sea view Wedding Proposal [Chateau la Chevre d’Or]

They flew from England to the sunny French Riviera for their wedding proposal. There, at Chateau la Chevre d’Or, facing the Mediterranean sea, he ask her THE question. Will you marry. A sweet proposal in the garden of la Chevre d’Or, that as one of the most fantastic view over the French Riviera.

Amazing sea view from the top of the cliff

Chateau la Chevre d’Or is a Hotel on the top of the cliff, in the medieval town of Eze. Thus it make this hotel super romantic, you can only access it walking a garden made of greenery, centuries old building and art. The view over the sea is breathtaking. It makes it the perfect location for a wedding proposal ! For all those reason, Daniel selected this magic place to make is wedding proposal. Alone in the garden, with golden sunset lights, he put his knew on the ground and ask her. After few tears of joy, she explode with a huge yes.

Chateau Chevre d’Or fantastic garden

After the proposal, and when Lauren felt better, we stroll Chateau la Chevre d’Or amazing garden. They were hugging, kissing and having such a unique moment. It was all about joy and love. To make it even more perfect, the sea view was fantastic. But Chateau la Chevre d’Or also offers tens of terraces, perfect for couple and wedding pictures. There must be thousands of steps to explore the garden, but they all drive you to a lovely place.




Wedding proposal pictures at Chateau la Chevre d’Or

If you want to have your wedding proposal at Chateau la Chevre d’Or, please keep in mind you must be staying there at least 2 nights, and they mustn’t have a special event in the garden.
I would be honoured to document this important moment of your life. If by misfortune they are already book, I can help you find another beautiful location. French Riviera offers dozen of stunning locations for wedding Proposal.

Please send me a message with as many details as possible :

They will help me understand what you want, and thus better advice you.


French Riviera proposal inspiration and pictures

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