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[Tips & Advice] Formal / Group Wedding photographs list

Your Wedding is almost there, let’s discuss the groups / formal shoot list. Find in this article advice to help you plan a fast and easy wedding groups shots session.
By groups shots or formal list I mean the formal posed shots of the bride and groom with family members and Friends during the cocktail or bridal party.


Is wedding group shoot compulsory?


The fast answer is no, you can decide not to do it.
By formal, you can include bride and bridesmaid shoot, groom and groomsmen pictures, and family shoots. It is up to you to decide on the ones you want. I deeply advise doing at least few pictures with your closest family (your mother might have been waiting for years for your wedding). Take time for your grandparents and elder persons you love, even not posed (you will cherish those pictures in few years).
If you want to have your wedding group pictures taken, please find below advice to make them easy and fast.


Wedding formal shoot timing


While planning the timing, do not forget to include extra time to travel from one location to another, if all the wedding moments aren’t in the same place.  Make sure your wedding guests know the formal pictures are taking place, and where they are taking place. You will avoid waiting for someone strolling in the park or who went back to a car.  Start with older relatives and kids, as they might be tired or dirty at the end of the cocktail.

It usually takes 2 to 5 minutes for each group shoot during a wedding. Time varies with the group size and how well people are listening to their name when a new group is called. If all your wedding guests are well disciplined, for a ten-group-list, the whole group shoot can be as fast as 15 minutes. Please ask your guests not to take each one a selfie or pictures with their own cameras, as is can increase a lot the time for each group.
They will have the group shots, and if they want pictures with their own cameras, they should take in at the same time as me, from behind me.

Every important picture for you is important to me. For larger weddings, with an important number of wedding groups,  please leave enough time to get all the group shots done. No matter the number of guests (from Elopement to 400-guests Indian wedding ), I would suggest keeping the list to no more than 10 groups.


Wedding group shoot planning


So as to avoid time waste on guest call, group creation, the order of the groups, make sure to have a list. Let your best man, maid of honor or close friends have the list and call the people in the group (It is not uncommon to take 10 minutes or more to get everybody for your group shot).

For ease of reading and group creation, please include the names of the guests, name of the group and number of member in the group (phonetic spelling can be a bonus depending on who manage and call the guests).

I can send you a wedding group template of the list if you want.


Wedding group shoots: Enjoy your cocktail and bridal party


If you like candid shots then keep your formal list a small as possible as the posed shots will eat into any time you have for candid’s, I recommend a maximum of 10 groups. If you want dozens of groups and multiple variations for each one, ask yourself is it is the pictures you value the most. All this time could be used to enjoy your wedding cocktail with your guests and for me to take candid pictures.

In the end, just enjoy, time flies so quickly on your wedding day


Be creative and happy with your wedding group pictures


For me, it is all about yourselves enjoying your wedding. The pictures will show the moment you live, let’s make those moments amazing and unique.
We can plan special wedding shoots, like wedding confetti, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and bridal party.
I always try to get the formal and more happy/fun picture, this way you can choose the one you prefer.

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