Villa Ephrussi romantic winter Proposal

In the heart of winter-chilled New York, they embarked on a fleeting escape for their proposal at Villa Ephrussi, leaving the city’s frosty embrace behind for just two days. Their journey led them to the enchanting French Riviera, where the warmth of their love would blossom. Orchestrated by the skilled hands of “The Proposer UK,” the proposal unfolded like a carefully crafted masterpiece.

Within the exclusive confines of Villa Ephrussi, amidst its opulent gardens, their love story found its extraordinary chapter. The villa, a beacon of elegance, provided a canvas for a celebration of love, where time stood still. Descending the stairs to a terrace overlooking the French Riviera, a tapestry of white and pink roses awaited, a delicate symphony of nature echoing the depth of their affection.

Amidst this fragrant paradise, the couple shared a champagne toast, the bubbles dancing in rhythm with their joy. The Villa Ephrussi, a jewel overlooking the bays, witnessed their love story unfold in a tapestry of joy and whispered promises. Every detail, meticulously crafted by the devoted team, transformed this proposal into a symphony of romance, creating an indelible memory etched against the backdrop of the French Riviera’s timeless beauty.

The Team

Planning : The Proposer UK
Venue : Villa Ephrussi
Flowers & Decoration : Laly Rose Decoration
Photographer : WildRoses

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