Wedding Proposal Hotel Cap Estel

There are few locations, That are as close to the Mediterranean sea and intimate as Hotel Cap Estel. Michael wanted both to make his proposal. Thus few hours after flying from the US, we waited for sunset to get those magic lights. He brought the bride-to-be to the location, pretending to do a few pictures, with the golden hours light over the sea, and knees on the ground. How not to fall in love with such and proposal and location? Hotel Cap Estel Temple de l’Amour is magic, on one side you are surrounded by the sea, the sun setting in front of you, and have sunray on the cliffs, falling into the water on the other side. That was such an emotional moment, he even had champagne, to make the moment even more memorable!

Wedding proposal overlooking the sea

After a quick break, we enjoyed the Hotel Cap Estel‘s stunning garden, from the infinite pool to the koi pond, and finishing on the stone beach. It was as if we had the hotel for ourselves and were able to have those lovely pictures. Please enjoy the sea, the light, and the intimacy provided by this one of the kind Luxurious French Riviera Hotel. Thank you Michael and Cecilia for your trust!

Planning Wedding Proposal at Hotel Cap Estel

If you plan your wedding proposal at Hotel Cap Estel, or just want to discover this stunning venue, you can discover on the blog a virtual tour.
Click on the link (best rendering on computer and tablet):

Cap Estel Proposal Announcement slideshow

So as to announce their seaside proposal on the French Riviera, they had a slideshow made with music they both love

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