Why select the South of France collection?

Find below, why the South of France Collection, is my couples’ favorite. It definitely matches the easy and amazing goal I have for your Proposal.

I have few options available in my Proposal documentation, I would always advise the South of France collection.

You are embarking on an extraordinary journey, and your proposal, including the ring, flights, hotels, meals, and more, may amount to tens of thousands of euros for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The memories you will create together will undoubtedly make it a priceless investment in your future together! We all have budget and priority, but considering the overall budget, your photography budget should be in line with the investment made for this special journey to the South of France.

More “Time”

Choosing more time for your session not only allows for a longer experience but also provides flexibility and a wider range of options to capture precious moments with your loved one, as emotions tend to make time fly by quickly.

When you select the South of France collection, you are the only session I book that evening, and you get advanced and dedicated planning services.

Enjoy and share ALL the pictures

Choosing just a few pictures can be overwhelming and disappointing, as it means missing out on capturing precious memories. Do not feel pressured to limit your selection; instead, ensure that your families can freely enjoy all the moments captured, just as you wanted the most beautiful ring without restrictions.

Prioritise preserving the memories without holding back on the pictures that truly matter to you.

Express Delivery

Your proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime memory, and your fiancé will be thrilled to share the pictures with friends and family immediately. Opting for express delivery ensures she can quickly showcase the best images, saving you from relying on low-quality phone pictures.

This way, you can quickly and proudly share the most beautiful moments of your proposal with your loved ones.

What about an Engagement session?

An engagement session lets you capture a different atmosphere and aesthetic than your proposal. For example, while the proposal is often focused on surprise and immediate emotions, an engagement session will allow you to choose another location, theme, or style. This is also great if you are hesitating between 2 locations, for your proposal.

It adds variety to your collection of photographs and showcases different aspects of your journey together. Unlike a proposal session, which can be a surprise and emotionally charged moment, an engagement session is typically more relaxed.

So which collection should you go for?

At the end of your Proposal vaccination, cherishing and sharing memories with loved ones will be a priceless aspect. When someone invests generously in a luxurious hotel suite, exquisite food, and drinks, but hesitates to allocate additional funds for capturing those cherished moments, it might inadvertently undervalue the significance of those precious memories.

However, we believe that finding the best photography solution that aligns with your preferences and budget is our priority, so you can relive those unforgettable experiences for a lifetime. We are here to assist and guide you every step of the way, ensuring you have a seamless, easy and amazing experience.

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