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Keep memories of the magic moment where you will proposed the one you love. Wedding proposal photography from the French Riviera, South of France and Europe.

Chateau Eza Salon Royal wedding Proposal 1023

Fall colors proposal on the French Riviera

Against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera coastline, the proposal unfolded in a kaleidoscope of autumn hues, offering a breathtaking view from the sumptuous Salon Royal of Chateau Eza.
Eze Exotic Garden Proposal 0

Joyful French Riviera Proposal

In the picturesque setting of Eze's Exotic Garden, the couple's proposal radiated pure joy, capturing the essence of their unique connection.
French Riviera seaside Proposal 1020

Chateau Eza Royal Proposal

In the heart of the French Riviera, he whisked his girlfriend away to Chateau Eza's Salon Royal for a proposal like no other. With its stunning view of the azure Mediterranean sea, the location exuded intimacy and luxury.
French Riviera Nice Winter proposal 1057

Nice Winter Proposal

Under the gentle caress of the winter sun on the French Riviera, they soared across the ocean from the US to embark on a romantic escapade (and Proposal) in Nice.
French Riviera Villa Ephrussi Winter Proposal 1161

Villa Ephrussi romantic winter Proposal

In the heart of winter-chilled New York, they embarked on a fleeting escape for their proposal at Villa Ephrussi, leaving the city's frosty embrace behind for just two days.

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