Family Photography

As a father of 2 girls, husband and son, I do value my family pictures. They help us remember joyful moment from the past. I value the joy and authenticity from them, so always aim to document this from the family photo sessions.

What is so special about the French Riviera?

The French Riviera is a unique blend between the French Art de vivre en the colourful Italian Riviera. It offers it colourful historical towns, and warm sunset. From the famous cities, like Cannes, Nice and Monaco, to less known gems.

Why family photography is so important?

Pictures from a family session are present for everyone, grand parents, you, your children, and even your unborn grand-children. You will all value those memories, now and in 50 years from now.
Those pictures will showcase the smiles, the hugs, bonds, and all little details, that make each and every of your children and family member special.

How should a family session go?

Authenticity is key for me, so I always aim for a fun and enjoyable moment. This will bring genuine smile, laughters and make everyone confortable.
My idea is to let your kids be kids, joyful, soulful, as you love them.

It should be a pleasant experience for everyone, so I always plan a stroll, breaks, game time, snacks, for it to be more a family time, than a studio photo session

What is the best time for a family session ?

Great lights make great pictures. But when working with kids, it is important to respect their rhythm.
Depending on where you are flying from, I would recommend:

West : late afternoon, early evening (Europe, US, Canada, South America).
East : early morning (East Asia, Australia, pacific islands).

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