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As a photographer based on the French Riviera, I am lucky to work all year long in fantastic location with lovely couples and families. From coastline, to historical town and lavender fields. The French Riviera offers colourful backdrop, inherited to both its Italian and French history. It is also one of my main concern to make this pictures authentic, to match who you are. To do so, make the planning and photo session as easy as possible for everyone (from toddlers to grand parents). It is all about real emotion, so real love, real tenderness and real fun.

Photography Services

I love to document families memories, because they enable us to remember and share the joy with out beloved. From the first love stories to few generations love bonds, there is always something special for you, something unique. Photography make ephemeral moments last for decades. I do mainly work with foreigner or people living outside of the French Riviera. So I do have a list of excellent vendors, locations, restaurants I am always happy to share with you.

  • Proposal Photography
    As a Proposal photographer on the French Riviera, I do photograph gorgeous proposals. A proposal session isn’t just about the ring and the knee, it is about creating the best experience possible, showcasing your loved one you went the extra mile to make the proposal unique for her/him. Woking hard creating sur-mesure proposal, I can also help with the planning and advice you vendors.
    It is not easy planning everything remotely, so based on your budget offering you solutions, so that you to select the one you love the most.
  • Wedding Photography
    One day in your lifetime, from getting ready to a crazy party, everything goes in the blink of an eye.
    So be there, discreetly to document those moments, little and big ones, for you to be able to enjoy your beautiful day.
    My approach is more on the documentary side, to showcase the uniqueness of your wedding day
  • Elopement Photography
    I LOVE the intimacy of an elopement (my wife and I did Elope), but at the same time, there is way more pressure than on a “normal” wedding day. Pictures will be all your friends and family will see, so as a photographer, we have even more responsibility.
    As for Elopement I can help you with the planning or advise you vendors.
  • Family Photography
    As a son, husband, and father of 2 daughters, family is a place I cherish. The moment shared with them, seeing them growing (or getting old), make every moment precious. A family photo session should be easy and bring fun to everyone. Thus making sure, we don’t stress them, they do participate actively in the session. Because before everything, pictures help us remember a souvenir. And I want the souvenir to be as great as possible for everyone.

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