Protect your memories PRINT your pictures

The majority of my lovely wedding couples and families have prints and albums made so as to protect and share their precious memories. I encourage you to print yours. You can read below why this is so important.

Pictures you made capture the memories of emotional moments. We all take those pictures, from smartphone pictures to professional photo session. Those moments that last a second, but you will cherish for the rest of your life. Little moment We document our life, more often than not of a special moment.  Your couple romance, You getting married, special memories of your family, every first step of your children in their lives.

Why you should print your precious memories ?

Protect pictures from accidental lost

The pictures you share on Facebook and Instagram are looked at, admired and then…. Nothing. They stay on your phone, if you do a backup on a cloud and then get lost within thousands of other pictures. If you lost your phone, or stop your cloud subscription, you can lose all those pictures. Even if you have a backup on a hard drive, it has a limited life span.  Few years at the maximum. Does your laptop or iPad still have a DVD reader? classic USB is already disappearing, replaced by USBC. Whereas, a print can stay if your family for centuries, without the need for a special technology.

Make sure to print the most important memories you have, to avoid losing them.

Share the love

Having a digital version of a picture is important, but it will never replace a print. An image on paper conveys way more emotion than on a screen. You can offer a large print of a special moment, making it even more special. Thus knowing people will see it every day, have this moment part of their life. You cannot offer an image in an email. it gets lost in hundreds of other emails in a week.
contrary to digital, A Framed print, is a living memory. You enjoy it every time you pass by.

Because you should always share the love, to let it grow and heal the little sores of everyday life

Pass on to your children

Will you have the same phone in 20 years from now? Thanks to my parents you printed pictures every year, I am now able to share those pictures with my daughters. They can open the book, enjoy for a minute or an hour, their father childhood. Laughing at me or asking me a question about how it was when I was a kid, how was the life where I grew up (Pacific island). They better know me and they can enjoy it. I love the pictures I have printed from their own childhood, helping me remember how beautiful were those moment I share with them. They will be soon their and one day, their children ones.

Those images are part of our history and are precious for those who were too young or even not there. It helps them feel Love and connect with their past.

Showcase your pictures

Pictures sublimate memories you love, you are proud of. Those memories should be highlighted. A phone or a laptop is not a way to showcase ones of the most precious memories you have. In the past wealthy people use to have large paints of them, their family, their victory done. You have less famous painter available nowadays but should print your pictures. Large print can make the moment even bigger. A large luxurious book will help you share your wedding pictures and emotions better than an email.


So as to not forget

My father had a stroke recently. A difficult moment for all our family thanks to all the pictures from our childhood, he was able to reconstruct his memories and relink to us. We were so happy to have all these print books to show him and share with him our history.


why you should print your pictures



In the end, it is all about remembering those moments we don’t want to fade away or lose.
Please do not risk to lose your precious memories Print your photos!

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