English Countryside Garden Wedding [UK]

If you have always dreamed of tying the knot somewhere in the heart of the countryside, then you will love this stunning garden wedding in the backcountry of the south of UK. A rustic wedding the same day as the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, from the farm to the bride parent house. Get ready to be seriously wowed by this lovely countryside wedding.

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South of England sunny garden wedding

After a quick Friday evening flight from French Riviera to London, we head to Dorset in the South East countryside of the UK, with my UK Wedding Photographer teammate. South of England was way colder, this late April, that South of France, but we had a sunny weekend! Next day, I was shooting the groom prep, while Soven was shooting bride prep, at her parent house. I love to shoot English wedding groom preparation, it is so relaxed, gentlemen are having fun, playing games and having beers. After the preparation with met a the town’s church, we weren’t allowed inside by the priest, as is was a tiny church, but it was a nice ceremony. The bride loves her parents’ town, and the nature around it, so after the ceremony we head for a ride, to a hill overlooking the valley.

Garden cocktail at the bride’s parents house

The cocktail and dinner were hosted at the bride’s parents house. They have been working for a month to make it perfect for the wedding, planting trees, flower, building places to receive the guests. Dinner was served under a huge tent, decorated with multiple DIY beautiful elements. After the cocktail, the brunch, and the cake cutting, the party went crazy.

Thank you so much for your trust Hannah and Aaron, we had a fantastic time with you and your guests!



We were two photographers for this English wedding. It is always great to work as a team because it enables to have two different points of view, more documentary and creative pictures. I was photographing this wedding with excellent Soven, a London based wedding photographer.


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