Eze and Chateau Eza proposal options

If you plan to do your proposal engagement in Eze and/or at Chateau Eza, find below available options, to help you.

Fast access to the Chateau Eza Proposal guide sections :

More information about Chateau Eza Private Balcony and Royal Salon:

Where to do your Eze Proposal?

You can propose either at Chateau Eza or in other Eze locations. The main options are :

  • Top of Eze exotic garden
  • Chateau Eza’s private balcony
  • Chateau Eza’s Salon Royal
  • Chèvre d’Or private park

Then do pictures in town before heading back to Chateau Eza for your dinner.

Discover below examples of those proposals.

Eze and Chateau Eza  Proposal examples

  1. Proposal at Eze the Exotic garden and dinner on Chateau Eza’s private balconyEze Chateau Eza Wedding proposal Balcony 2060
  2. Do the proposal at  Eze the Exotic Garden and have dinner at Chateau EzaAsian Wedding Proposal French Riviera Eze Chateau Eza 38
  3. Proposal in Chèvre d’Or garden and dinner at Chateau Eza’s private balconyWedding Proposal Chevre d Or 1011
    (Keep in mind, you need written approval anyway, from the hotel, to have pictures taken in the garden & you need to stay there)

  4. Proposal on Chateau Eza’s private balcony and pictures in Eze townEze Wedding proposal Chateau Eza Balcony 87953

  5. Proposal at Chateau Eza Salon Royal and pictures in Eze townEze Salon Royal wedding proposal 13
  6. Proposal at Eze Exotic garden and Dinner at Chateau Eza Salon RoyalSurprise Wedding Proposal Eze Monaco Saint Jean Cap Ferrat 1090

Chateau Eza Private balcony proposal options

You can either have your Chateau Eza proposal pictures :

  • With or Without the table
  • With or without flowers

Chateau Eza Proposal Decoration

Depending on your budget, Chateau Eza, or my team can help with the decoration.
From simple bouquets to specific flower colors and types.
Starting budget at 250€

When to propose at Chateau Eza

Timing will vary depending on the time of the year. I am first aiming to shoot 90 minutes before sunset.
Sunset timing will decide starting time (between 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM depending on the time of the year).

For the exotic garden proposal, most of the year the Eze exotic garden closes earlier than that 90-minute timeslot, which will empty to come earlier. You should be there 15-20 minutes before it closes (nicer lights, fewer people).

Eze access and location guide

To better understand where is Eze, how to get there, the Exotic Garden, and the hotels where to stay:

Eze Wedding Proposal Exotic Garden

More information: https://wildroses.fr/how-to-wedding-proposal-eze/

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