[Lilas] First day in life

There are little things that bring you more happiness than the first day of life of your children. Documenting the childbirth of my second daughter has been so intense!
It has been part of a personal project to document childbirth for few years. As a father, I wanted to photograph the intimacy, the pain and the magic of those hours.
To show how strong, how amazing was the mother-to-be in this labor of giving birth, and then the delivery and the joy. It is difficult to explain it with words.
I feel so blessed that I was able to document that for my second daughter, offer her and her amazing mother, memories of the day she became a member of our family.

It is difficult as a father to find the right word to help her when you feel powerless and useless. Except for the pain, everything has been so easy thanks to the medical team, they help both mother and baby with sweetness and delicacy. Thank you so much.

We love you, Lilas.

These pictures are also to all my amazing brides fighting to become mothers. You deserve it! And I wish you to leave parenthood very soon.

Looking forward to keeping amazing memories of your childbirth or first day in life of you baby ? Send me a message, I am always ready to live such an intense and emotional moment.

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