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Planning your wedding on the French Riviera or South of France can be a hard task. Please find below information to help you make your Elopement wedding on the French Riviera perfect. As a wedding photographer based on the French Riviera, I do know hidden gems of the south of France. I would be pleased with my team and network, to help you get the most from your wedding in the south of France. Those wedding vendors are based on the French Riviera or Provence and work on beautiful weddings, every year in the South of France

To better understand Elopement, and what is implies Elopement on the French Riviera: https://wildroses.fr/what-is-elopement-how-to-elope-french-riviera/

Planning a destination wedding on the French Riviera will add two more difficulties than planning it in your own country. First, if you don’t speak French, find wedding vendors that do speak a “good” English. Second, depending on your location, work across different time zones. Let us ease your planning, document your beautiful memories and make it an unforgettable experience. This article will help you live the best Elopement wedding on the French Riviera.



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Plan your wedding on the French Riviera

If you love the South of France, you have an amazing variety of beautiful wedding venues. Stunning Castle and domains in vineyards, luxury hotels overlooking the Mediterranean sea.
To help you find the perfect time and wedding venue for your wedding my team and wedding planner will need:

  •  A date: to verify wedding vendors availability
  • A mood you would like in your pictures (seaside,  garden, intimate, luxury)
  •  The number of guests
  •  A budget (find more information below)


French Riviera Wedding by the sea

Exchanging your vows facing a colorful sea, with a warm breeze will make your wedding ceremony even more magic. A 180° view on the Mediterranean sea will be in your mind for the rest of your life. There are few wedding venues in a vineyard with sea view on the French Riviera, but the few ones that do are just amazing! it includes Chateau de la Messardière in Saint Tropez, Chateau Bregançon in Bormes-Les-Mimosas, Chateau Valmer close to Saint Tropez and Chateau de Sable on the seafront of Cavalaire-Sur-Mer.  French Riviera offers amazing luxury hotels by the sea. From huge luxurious weddings venues to intimate historic wedding venues for an elopement. Those venues all provide high-quality services on the Mediterranean seaside for your wedding.

You have beautiful hotels for weddings with a sea view. Some of those venues near Monaco are Hotel la Chevre d’Or (Eze), Chateau Eza (Eze), Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild (Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferra). Wedding venues between Nice and Cannes are Hotel Belles Rives (Juan Les Pins), Hotel Eden Roc (Antibes), Chateau de la Napoule (Mandelieu).


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Luxury French Riviera garden wedding

If you love the sunny French Riviera and would like something more intimate or a garden wedding, you have centuries-old bastides and properties. A garden with century old olive trees, lavender and bougainvillea can be as magic as a sea view. The perfume of those plants under the shade of huge trees is one of a kind experience.

I do love the historical surrounding of Chateau Le Cagnard (Cagnes-sur-Mer), La Bastide du Roy, La Bastide Saint Mathieu, Chateau Saint Georges (Grasse), Chateau Castellaras (Mougins), Chateau de Robernier (near Provence).


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It can be a challenging task to plan your wedding remotely. To deal with every detail, and to make sure all of them will be perfect. Once we have defined the photography collection that best fits your need, I can advise you excellent French Riviera wedding vendors. For peace of mind, you should consider booking a local wedding planner.


The best time for an Elopement wedding on the French Riviera

All year long we have amazing weather on the French Riviera, with temperatures reaching 20° around Christmas a few times in the last year. A winter wedding in the French Alps mountains surrounded by snow can be a fairytale.

For a sunny wedding, my favorite months are May and June. Its spring, the weather is lovely. Then late summer (without the crowd): September. The hottest months are July and August, with temperatures that can reach 40° C (104°F) in the countryside.


You can find more information about wedding venues in Provence, around Saint Tropez, and on the French Riviera on my blog:


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Provence and lavender fields elopement wedding

Choosing between French Riviera seaside and Provence nature for your wedding can be hard. It depends on what you prefer, what memories you want to keep and how much guests you will have (most seaside venues can host smaller wedding).

Provence is known for its gorgeous vineyard, lavender fields, and medieval towns. Strolling in the lavender fields of Provence at sunset is delicious? If you love nature, you should definitely have a few days trip to Provence. From Avignon at the North, to Gordes and Saignon you will enjoy an amazing stay. If you are on the French Riviera, closes lavender fields of Provence are only 2.5 hours drive (one way). The perfume of the lavender, the surrounding, the sunflowers fields, truly deserve this drive.

Make sure to keep beautiful memories of your trip, not just selfies. Plan a professional and easy couple session, elopement wedding in the lavender fields of Provence. It is not only about pictures but about the whole experience. As a family and wedding photographer based in the South of France, I know lovely places in Provence. My team and I can help you get the most from your photo session. You can also plan a Provence couple Photo session. Thus include engagement, pre-wedding or honeymoon session. The photo session can be before or after your wedding. Even if your wedding is not on the French Riviera, you can document your vacation.

Find more information to plan the perfect Elopement wedding in the lavender fields on the blog: https://wildroses.fr/engagement-elopement-wedding-lavender-fields-provence/



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French Riviera Elopement Weddings packages

It can be a challenging task to plan your wedding remotely, do deal with every detail, and to make sure all of them will be perfect. Once we have defined the photography collection that best fits your need, I will be pleased to help you with other wedding vendors. I have a list of excellent vendors I can advise. For peace of mind, you should consider booking a Wedding Planner.


How much does cost a wedding on the French Riviera or Provence

Investment for one of the most unique days of your life can vary from a few thousand euros (Elopement) to hundreds of thousands of euros. It depends on what level of service, the venue, the catering, the flowers, the photographer and the precious details you are planning to make it amazing. Compare to the US or UK, for the same budget you could have a more extraordinary destination wedding, than doing it in your own country. On average wedding in the US cost four times the price of an elopement on the French Riviera or Provence.  Most of the wedding in Provence and French Riviera have fewer guests that in your home country, you can then use the budget for a breathtaking venue, lovely decoration, really go to the next step for your wedding.

To get an idea of prices for a wedding on the French Riviera:

  • Wedding Venues:  If you need a single room with a view (from 1000€) for gorgeous intimate château or hotel (Chateau Le Cagnard, Chateau Eza, Hotel Belles Rives, …).
    The most luxurious wedding venues of the French Riviera range from 15000€ to 25000€: Villa Ephrussi, Chateau de Mandelieu, Bastide du Roy, Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, Chateau de Saint Martin Spa (Vence), Chateau Saint Georges, …


  • Catering prices range from 150€ to 500€ per person (including wines and alcohols)
  • Florist and bouquet prices range from a few hundred euros (bouquet, decoration) to a few thousand for a full set of décoration.
  • Djs and Bands prices vary from 1000€ to 3000€
  • Priest and Ceremonialist have prices between 700 to 1500€


  • Wedding photographer between 2000€ to 3000€ for an excellent photographer, between 4000€ – 10000€ for high-end international photographers


If you are planning a small French Riviera Elopement,  I also have partnerships with some of those nicest venues.

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The importance of having a French Riviera photographer

One of the downsides of eloping, as we’ve said, is that friends, family members. Loved ones can feel like if they were denied the opportunity to share in the joy of your wedding with you. Hiring a French Riviera wedding photographer allows you to document your wedding day. This way to share the photographs with these people, who couldn’t be there, at a later date. Besides, you and your spouse are entering into a pretty huge commitment. This commitment deserves to be documented, celebrated and preserved for the future.

As a wedding photographer based on the French Riviera, I will help you get the most from your pictures. If you would like authentic and elegant of your elopement or wedding on the French Riviera,  send me a message. Please let me know what you are dreaming/planning for your Elopement wedding.

I also often travel to other beautiful destination in south Europe (Italy, Spain, Morocco) and would love to be part of your travel.

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Why you should book a local wedding planner

The bigger is the wedding, the more planning it needs. But even for 2 people wedding, I would advise you to get the help of a French Riviera wedding planner. Moreover, They can do so much for you, and to make sure, your wedding will be pure enjoyment. This way, you will not have to worry about every little detail and let your guests enjoy the wedding. A local wedding planner will help you:

  • Plan perfectly your day
  • Find and advice you the best wedding vendors
  • Scout wedding venues for you, and select the ones that will best match your perfect wedding
  • Manage the vendors for you during your wedding day
  • Do for you, local meetings and management tasks during the months or year of preparation

A French Riviera or Provence wedding planner will be your solution finder and risk management. They will help you focus on the important sides of your wedding: your guests and you. Depending on the type of wedding you want (intimate, rustic, luxury), I can recommend you Wedding Planners from Provence and the French Riviera, I love to work with. Wedding planner from French Riviera and Provence perfectly know venues, vendors and best timing for your wedding, they will help you deal this all the organization locally.

If you are planning on an Elopement with only the two of you, and don’t want to go for a wedding planner, I can advise you wedding vendor I deeply trust (venues, hair, makeup, priest)



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