French Riviera secret Vineyards

France and south of France are known for excellent their wines, less than an hour drive from Monaco and Cannes, you can discover secret and exclusive multi-centuries old vineyards.

Provence famous “Rosé”

Between sea and mountains, Provence offers spectacular scenery: a wide range of natural colors, from red volcanic rocks, deep green vineyards and clear blue skies. With its perfect dry climate for grapes, it’s a wine lover paradise. Symbol of Provence, Rosé wine was probably the first wine ever made by man. Wine production in Provence started around 2,600 years ago. This makes Provence historically one of the first winemaking areas in France. The vines, along with the other typical Mediterranean plants, olives, and figs, were introduced by the Greek founders of Marseille, Nice, and Antibes.

You can discover hundreds of amazing vineyards between Aix and Provence and Saint Toprez, ones with amazing view on the natures, others with vines growing down to the Mediterranean coastlines.

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The French Riviera Vineyard

To get to the Provence (including Saint Tropez) vineyards, you have a few hours drive. The roads to get there, drive you thought the South of France nature. An amazing sunny journey, where you can enjoy delicious food and wines. But for wine lovers, French Riviera hides treasures, two tinies wine appellations between Cannes and Monaco. From the top of the hill or surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, their landscapes are unique and fantastic.

The first one, the Bellet vineyards, growing on the side of Nice’s hills, are among the oldest in France, dating back to the Roman era. The second one, Saint-Honorat island‘s monk wines, a secret island garden in the bay of Cannes. To get there you have a 15 minutes boat ride from the Palais des Festival.

For short trip, or if you want to maximize your vacations on the French Riviera, those vineyards are located less than an hour drive (or boat) from Monaco and Cannes. You can visit both of them in a day.


Château de Bellet

Planted on the hills of Nice, Château de Bellet vines overlook the Mediterranean sea. In the background, you can admire the Alps and the Var Valley. The vineyard on the French Riviera covers 12 hectares and is located between 200 and 300 meters above sea level and benefits from great sunshine all year round. Located on the top of the appellation, the vines benefit from South and Southwest exposures. Coming from both the sea and the Alps, the wind provides a slow maturing process to the vines which are crucial for the freshness and elegance of Bellet wines.

The flavors found in Bellet wines (certified organic) reveal a deep imprint of the terroir and grapes. AOC Bellet, around Nice, the only place in the world where you will find the Braquet and Folle Noire varieties of grape. Other varieties such as Cinsault, Chardonnay, Grenache, and Syrah are also used in blends.

The Barons of Bellet family gave their name to this winery. Chateau de Bellet wines have been served during great occasions such as Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding.

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Lérins Abbey: an island vineyard

A few minutes from the bustle at Cannes, Saint-Honorat Island awaits you with an experience out of the ordinary. Calm and beauty, nature and spirituality, this jewel of the bay of Cannes lives at the relaxed rhythm of the monastery of the monks of Lérins. The 21 monks that currently make up the community of the monastery, have been cultivating their vines with skill and passion since the middle ages. To create their unique wines, monks carry every step of the vine’s work by hand (pruning, disbudding, and harvest). The vineyard now comprises eight hectares with which monks have produced high-quality wines recognized by professionals.

Only the company Planaria, managed by the monks, ensures the connections between Cannes and Saint-Honorat.
The island has a unique restaurant, La Tonnelle, located near the pier. They do offer events and wedding services.


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