Chèvre d’Or // Best picture locations [EZE]

Find below a list of the nicest locations to take pictures in Hotel Chèvre d’Or Gardens. The view from its gorgeous gardens, over the French Riviera coastline is MAGIC


  1. At Chateau Chèvre d’Or “Le Café du Jardin” (when the Café closes, late September)Wedding Proposal Chevre d Or 1011
  2. At the Temple of LoveWedding Proposal Chateau Chevre dOr Eze 1027
  3. On the terrace below Chateau Chèvre d’Or “Le Café du Jardin” French Riviera Babymoon Maternity session 1035
  4. At the Rose Sculpture
  5. At the sun deck railing or below the terrasse
  6. From your Chateau Chèvre d’Or’s suite balcony or terrace
    Wedding Proposal Chateau Chevre dOr Eze 1142
  7. Chateau Chèvre d’Or’s Citrus Garden
    Chateau Chevre dOr Citrus garden


Easily find Chateau Chèvre d’Or best picture locations with the below map:


Chevre dOr Garden Best picture locations

More pictures of Chèvre d’Or Garden :

French Riviera Babymoon Maternity session 1004French Riviera Babymoon Maternity session 1013French Riviera Babymoon Maternity session 1000French Riviera Babymoon Maternity session 1010


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