Proposal facing the sea [Chateau Eza]

Enjoy A lovely proposal, facing the sea from the top of Eze. To make it perfect, they had the Royal Salon of Chateau Eza privatised for the to of them 🙂

Proposal overlooking Mediterranean sea

Vlad fell in love with Chateau Eza’s View (how not to). So during few days, we talk and exchange messages to make sure everything would be perfect. The Date was special for Vlad, so we had to plan everything on the day. So as to make sure she would get the best proposal possible, Vlad booked the Royal Saloon for the whole afternoon. because of the view, and to have the perfect intimacy and romanticism. He pretended we wanted to do few pictures before going out for lunch, “Et voila! At the second she saw the saloon, the view and the decoration she knew what was coming up. She fell in tears and couldn’t believed her yes. After this super emotional and sweet moment, they enjoyed an excellent champagne, while getting amazed by the view.

That was quite a challenge, to plan everything for this date and in a short time. But we made it, and Sara had a huge blast discovering everything: the view, flowers and off course THE ring.



If you love the location, find more information to plan you wedding proposal there on the blog :


Sunset engagement photoshoot in Eze

After the proposal, we planned an Engagement session at sunset, in the little streets of the medieval town. A romantic and relaxed stroll enjoying the sunset golden lights.

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