Noumea sea lovebirds [New Caledonia]

A late afternoon by the Pacific sea, with Alize winds, and a warm sunset, that is a gorgeous setting for a lovely family and couple session in Noumea and New Caledonia. For nature and sea lovers, Noumea and New Caledonia is a must go place. You will enjoy warm water, amazing forest, and no dangerous animals. Will on a trip in the south Pacific and New Caledonia I did this lovely photo session. I had the pleasure to document this a part of the couple and family history. I crazy about late afternoon photo session, to photograph people by the sea with its unique colours and lights.

Post-wedding Couple session in Noumea

The family is living in Ouemo, a suburb of Noumea. So we went to the close by beaches of Magenta. So as to get those gorgeous lights, we wait later afternoon do to their couple photo session. South pacific lights and lights by the sea are always uniques. We Walked and ran bar foot on the black-brown sand for meters thanks to the low tide. They both love to dance so played and danced, remembering the first dance of their wedding in the south of New Caledonia. Feeling the sand, the salty water, small waves against your legs and the wind make you feel free, it is magic. If, at first, they weren’t confortable, you could feel all the tenderness, love and intimacy after few minutes. It is such a pleasure to be there, and testify for their two-year-old son, how deeply in love his parents are.

Family photo session in New Caledonia

Celine (the Bride) also wanted to have pictures of their son, so as part of the couple session, they had pictures of him. We made sure, it could run, have fun and did not pose too much. The idea was to have as authentic, effortless as possible family pictures on the beach they love to go with him. So as to help us, the Grand mother was close by, to entertain him, will doing his parents pictures. He played so much, that he finish half wet. But main goal was him to have fun, and we succeed !


Thank you Celine and Thomas for your trust, it was a fantastic moment with you and your little one !




Couple session and wedding photographer in Noumea New Caledonia

As I was born and grew up in New Caledonia, after 20 years there I left to travel the world. It is always a pleasure to fly back there for holidays or to document beautiful families memories. If you are planning a boat trip to New Caledonia, or think about having your wedding in this gorgeous island, you are very lucky. I would be pleased to help you get gorgeous pictures of your special memories there. Most of the year I am based in the south of France, but can fly to New Caledonia, Australia or any other stunning destination with a huge pleasure.

As I do travel a lot and might be already booked for another destination. But send me a message and tell me what you would love for your couple session, family session or wedding in New Caledonia. If not available, I will do my best to help you find the photographer that will perfectly match the style of pictures you want.


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