5 Reasons why you should do a FIRST LOOK

Your wedding day will be a tsunami of emotion, tears, waves of laughter, hugs, joy, sometimes sadness for those we miss. But before everything, your wedding is the celebration of your love. Your family and friends, around you to share this love. With its intensity, you should not forget about yourselves, preserve time for both of you. As the first look is the first time you discover each other should be. The First Look is like opening a Christmas present, you should do it the way you want, without a ceremonial asking you to put down the present, because there is a ceremony to start. You should enjoy all the joy without limit and with intimacy.


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What the (wedding) First look session is?

Basically, after getting ready and prior to the ceremony, both of you meet in a hidden place. The first time you see each other is far from the frenzy of the wedding day. Instead of meeting in front of all your wedding guest, you have a calm and intimate moment together. You can enjoy a few minutes, to showcase your gorgeous wedding dress, the manly new tuxedo.
read below our top five reasons on why you should absolutely do a first look during your wedding day.

Calm your nerves during a First Look

Moreover, the closer you get to the wedding ceremony the more excited and stress you get. The First Look, enable you to release this stress, let it go. You can also find solace in your beloved one arm. It is such a magic time when you haven’t see her/him during intense hours, to just have a hug and words. Depending on your personality it can be a cozy or a fun moment, but it will be all your. Another good point about releasing the pressure with the first look is that you will look more relaxed and comfortable for the rest of your pictures.


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Share an intimate escape together

Ironically, a first look is one of the very few moments where you’ll get to enjoy each other’s company. The rest of your day will but full of love from your wedding guests. Sometimes, the bride and groom being on the opposite side of the wedding. People will share their love and excitement with you, but it will be less intimate!
This is a perfect moment for you to rest, before the emotion of the wedding ceremony, the delicious French food of the cocktail and the craziness of the party. You should have your couple session during the cocktail, but it is lovely to have sweet moments together.

Look your best in your wedding outfits

Weather in summer on the French Riviera can be super hot, I let you imagine all the elements that come with it when you have your wedding dress or tuxedo.
The best thing about doing a first look session before the ceremony is that you look Amazing! Of course, you’ll both look gorgeous all day, but a first look is done just after you got ready, so everything is as perfect as you could dream. Once you will have cried, hug people, and drink champagne, you won’t look as fresh.

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Get more couple’s pictures

Doing your pictures during the First Look make the couple session shorter. Instead of a full hour couple session, you can have few 10 minutes session (First look, during cocktail and at sunset). Thus you get for more beautiful photo opportunities. In addition, weddings schedule car vary a lot from what you expected, NO STRESS, it is normal. But it would be such a pity for you to regret having little pictures of both of you. Thanks to the first look, you can be sure you will have gorgeous pictures. It is never ideal to rush pictures because of an unwanted event.


What about traditions and wedding guests?

Your wedding should all be about you sharing time with your guests, but it is important to keep moments for the only to of you. Traditionally, the groom was supposed to discover the bride in the church. But it goes so quickly, there are so many people, that you miss this unique moment. The first look is here for you to enjoy each and every second of the moment you discover your beloved one. There’ll be plenty of moments to capture during the ceremony and the reception. Plenty of opportunities to catch lingering glances, a well-timed laugh, and a wistful tear. There’s only one first look, make sure it doesn’t slip by.

Remember the joy of opening your Christmas present, taking your time without rush and official behavior. This is how you should enjoy it on your wedding day.


Brides, you may wonder why there are so much grooms pictures? Because that is one of the only moment your partner will cry of joy. I really want to capture this moment for you to keep it and cherish it for the rest of your life.

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