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Bride and groom portraits

This post is intended to help you understand how I work with the bride and groom on the wedding day. Those pictures have multiple names, bridal portraits, couple portraits, couple sessions. They all mean, beautiful pictures of both of you.



Why should you do the bridal portrait?

Gentlemen, because you love her, and you should make her happy (always!).

More seriously, those pictures are part of your family, your families and your children will love them, sometimes more than you. They testify the beauty of your wedding day, how gorgeous you both were.

How long will the session last?

First and foremost, your wedding is yours and for me, you should enjoy it as much as possible. Thus not making it last too long. I do prefer quick escapes at different times of the wedding than a long session. This way it also gives you time to be together, share kind words and enjoy.
for example First Look, after the ceremony, at the end of the cocktail, after the party start (10 to 15 minutes each time).

How does the portrait session go?

Most of the groom would like it to be shorter, most of the bride would like to have it longer. I try my best to make it fun and romantic to fit get both joy and love in your pictures. I do prefer candid pictures, but I will help you be at your best if I feel you are not comfortable nor confident.

I work sometimes close, to get the intimacy, sometimes far from you to include the surrounding. But always doing my best to have true emotions.

how will the pictures be?

Pictures should represent who you are, and I do work this way. Show your personality and your happiness. So the best you can do to make them stunning is to enjoy that moment together and forget about the camera (and me).




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