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Cannes Photographer [French Riviera]

Traveling to Cannes and the French Riviera, for a special event, to have fun? Keep memories of you and your beloved ones with an effortless and joyful photo session.

Best Locations for pictures in Cannes

Cannes has many tourists all year long, so as to make it more intimate, for couples and family I try to avoid overcrowded places. The one I love the most are :
– Suqet historic town
– City Council park
– Old port
– Radisson blue beach
– Ile Sainte Marguerite / Iles de Lérins

As most cities, best timing for a photo session in Cannes is early morning (close to sunrise). Nicest weather are during Spring and late summer. But city is still beautiful and warm in Falls and Winter.

Cannes Photographer

If you like candid, luminous and elegant pictures, and would like to keep joyful memories of your trip on the French Riviera, please contact me. I would be pleased to create a custom photo session on photograph your beloved ones.

Cannes Photographer contact page : https://www.wildroses.fr/contact/

Cannes Family photo session

If you are flying from the US, late afternoon is the best time for kids (morning, afternoon for them). I try to make it fun so as to get candid  pictures from them. I avoid at all cost to rush them. An ice cream is always a nice way to end the session.

Cannes Wedding Photographer

Having your ceremony on the beach with the sunsetting over the sea is MAGIC. Then have a nice dinner and party on the beach is always awesome. I love those fun and relaxed wedding, where it is all about having a great time.
Keep in mind that road is above the beach restaurants, so if you want intimacy, you might prefer others beaches of the French Riviera.


Cannes wedding proposal

If you don’t fear the crowd, Cannes with its film festival, sand beach and night life, can be a gorgeous location for a Wedding Proposal. While on travel to the South of France and Cannes, you can propose on the French Riviera in other quieter places (seaside or historic places).

So as to find the best place for you to propose on the French Riviera, head to the following blog post : https://www.wildroses.fr/where-to-propose-on-the-french-riviera/

To help you plan your proposal on the French Riviera (and aboard) you can read this one :

For custom solutions, and to help you plan an perfect and effortless and unforgettable proposal, feel free to contact me 🙂

Cannes Proposal Photographer contact page : https://www.wildroses.fr/contact/


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