Wedding Proposal on the French Riviera

When an Indian gentleman fell in love with an Irish lady, you get a fantastic wedding proposal on the French Riviera. With a super romantic setup: on the top of a hill, facing the sea, at sunset.

Sunset proposal facing the sea

Amar wanted to have a breathtaking view for his proposal to Hannah, the one he loved the most, was a view other the French Riviera and Nice’s old town. So we schedule the session for sunset, to get the nicest lights and avoid the crowd. The reaction of Hannah when he proposed was lovely, she was expecting something, but still, was surprised. After the emotional moment, we stroll the park to get different views over the sea, played with lights and natural surrounding. Those to were gorgeous, hugging, kissing and laughing. That was such an amazing proposal, of amazing people, I feel bless to have been able to document it!


Engagement session in the lavender fields

Amar really wanted to make it unforgettable for Hannah, so the next day, we drove to Provence for an engagement session in the Lavender fields: magic!
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French Riviera Nice Photographer

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