Seaside couple engagement session [Swiss to French Riviera]

This lovely couple flew from Switzerland to get married in a beautiful vineyard in Provence. So as to feel more comfortable on their wedding day in Provence, they wanted to have an engagement photo session on the French Riviera. As they would have a vineyard, backcountry, and Provence pictures during the wedding day, they wanted a seaside, water yet natural setting for there pre-wedding photo session. So as to enjoy the most the surrounding, have the place only for them, we waited the end of the day, before sunset to do the photo session. We met at the Cap d’Antibes, for a walk along the waterfront. It was a windy day, with a beautiful blue sky. They enjoyed an intimate moment together, I took the time to let them feel confident and at ease. We had amazing golden colors of the sunset, played on the sand beach for an hour.

The resulting pictures are gorgeous, they do show their love and tenderness,  romantic and authentic. The engagement photo session is always a beautiful moment shared by the couple before their wedding. It is also a break in the logistics and organization of the wedding.

So as to make their photo session even more unforgettable, their mothers and guests had the surprise to discover these images on the evening of the wedding day. Using music they loved, I made a slideshow we show the guest, just before the cake.

M + M thank you again for allowing me to share this moment with you.


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