Monaco Proposal on a Yacht

To make the proposal unforgettable, He planned it the 2.2.2022 at 22:22, on a yacht, with the light of Monaco city in the backdrop

Magic Proposal date 2.2.2022 at 22:22 in Monaco

From the begging we knew it would be challenging, winter proposal on a yacht is challenging, even in Monaco, it get freezing cold a night, and you can quickly get see sick, without horizon lines. But the date and time was special for her so we worked everything to keep the surprise, arranged a Boat picnic before a suppose night party in Monaco.

They walked to Monaco harbour to get to the boat, where they had champagne waiting for them, a nice start to the evening. After the drink we sail to Port Hercule to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, enjoying monaco seaside view by night. Once the boat at anchor, they get inside to enjoy the warm living room and other snacks, Cuddling and laughing.

Yacht Proposal by night

While they where enjoying the sweet treats, we setup the outside with red roses bouquets, so as to get the surprise ready for 22:22 🙂 What a blast for her when he removed her blind foil, a emotional moment ! He was kneeing of the boat, gently fighting the waves.
So as them to enjoy their evening in Monaco we then sail back to the harbour. To make the proposal last, we had almost all the flower pack for her to bring them to the hotel. Making sure wake up next day, would be surrounded by her stunning proposal flowers and their delicate perfume.


Monaco Proposal Team

Proposal Planning, Photography and Videography :
Red Roses and Flowers : Fleur d’Azur Antonia
Catering : By Liga (ttps://
Monaco Yacht :
Champagne : Champagne Krug – Grande Cuvée

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