Seaside Jewish Wedding [Cannes]

From the major city of South of France, Marseille to the seaside of the French Riviera, discover this fantastic Jewish wedding. Emotion, fun and crazy party with their friends and family.  Bride and groom wanted a gorgeous wedding on the white beach, but at the same time, keep it small. It was important for them to have an intimate wedding. This way, enjoy every and each of there guests flying from all over France and Israel.

Seaside Chuppah ceremony on the white sand

Far from Marseille, there Jewish wedding took place in Cannes. There is nothing like having your chuppah ceremony, on the white sand, facing the sea, at sunset. That two’s ceremony was magic!  Bride and groom got ready at the famous palace InterContinental Carlton Cannes, few meters from the beach where their wedding took place. Just before sunset, the bride arrived with her father, her gorgeous dress following her. There is no word to express how the groom was moved, welcoming his bride-to-be. The Rabbi helped make in joyful and stressless. Everyone did enjoy it a lot!

Wedding dinner and party on the beach

After the ceremony and the greeting from the guest, we escape on the beach to have pictures with the last sunbeams of the day. Having the beach empty, the couple had a super intimate moment and romantic pictures. Back to their guest the share a cocktail with them, while the sun was setting on Cannes’ bay. The band gently start to play and the dance started. After a few minutes, it went crazy! Kids, family, friends dancing, jumping and enjoying the party.

Perfect timing for a wedding in Cannes

So as to avoid the crowd and have nice weather, the wedding in Cannes took place just after the film festival. Thus avoiding the summer crowd.



Jewish wedding on the French Riviera

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Cannes Wedding venue: Mandala Beach Cannes & InterContinental Carlton Cannes



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