Gorgeous Cannes Yacht Proposal

Their Cannes yacht proposal between the Lérins Islands, at sunset, was simply breathtaking !

Their Cannes yacht proposal was a dream come true as they embarked on a Pardo yacht from the Majestic pontoon, cruising serenely between the enchanting Lérins islands, with the tranquil sea mirroring the incredible sunset hues. Anchoring in the midst of crystal-clear waters, Luis’s heartfelt words led to a tender kneel on the stern, culminating in a moment of profound emotion.
To celebrate, they uncorked a bottle of Ruinart champagne, savouring the sweetness of the occasion. After capturing memories with photographs, we sailed back to Cannes, skirting the picturesque Saint Marguerite. We ended up the proposal pictures, with Cannes’ Martinez hotel in the backdrop.

Their Cannes yacht proposal will was lovely, and it was amazing to plan, photograph and share this moment with them.

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