[French Riviera] Morning Suprise Proposal / Engagement

. In overcrowded locations, it is sometimes nicer to do your proposal the morning: fewer people, more intimacy and a full day to enjoy this special day. The French Riviera has many gorgeous locations, you can enjoy empty at sunrise.

Morning proposal to avoid the crowd

For example in big seasides cities like Nice, Cannes, Monaco, you can have thousands of people during sunset’s golden hour. The same thing goes if you want to a proposal in medieval towns like Saint-Paul de Vence, Eze. Even if you wait for the last sunray, you might have tourists strolling the little streets.

Avoid the heat

For people having difficulties standing the heat, morning proposal on the French Riviera can also be a good solution. It is way cooler during the morning.

Morning proposal enjoy a gorgeous brunch

Brunch is nowadays trendy, even 5 stars hotels do offer 5 stars brunches. After your proposal, having your breakfast, facing the sun rising on the sea of backcountry can be lovely and super romantic. This is even truer if you are flying from a busy city.

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How to plan your morning proposal

It obvious, if you are not a morning person, it will be difficult to wake up early and get ready on time.

You can sell the fact that you have booked a long day tour (which can for real follow the proposal), thus you have to get ready early. Then pretend the driver is late, thus you can go enjoy the early morning lights for 10/15 minutes.

if you feel more comfortable with it, you can also pretend you have booked a photographer for a vacation photo session. Thus making sure we will be at the right time, right location.

You don’t need to be on location at real sunrise. But to fully enjoy the morning proposal, you should do it before tourists get on location, or locals start their working day.

Adventurous morning proposal

for the most adventurous ones, you can pretend to go for a hike/run/swim. It could be related to an activity you both love and defines your couple. A proposal that really showcases who you are, how you meet and what you love.

How to dress for morning proposal

You might want to look nice on your proposal pictures, so be sure to have clothes that match your style and the style you want in the pictures. It will not be as elegant as if you were dressing for dinner, but it could be more relaxed and casual, with a French Riviera seaside style.


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