Seaside Proposal [St Tropez]

A wedding proposal facing St Tropez old town, then getting lost in the little street of the famous French Riviera town. What a fantastic wedding proposal it was !


St Tropez seaside Proposal

While traveling on the French Riviera, Jung wanted to use beautiful St Tropez as the backdrop for his wedding proposal. He preferred to have St Tropez port and building in the pictures when proposing so we went on Môle d’Estienne d’Orves to get this view. Light was stunning (sunset) and there was little people. What a surprise for Sarah, who was very emotional.


St Tropez old town streets

After playing with light, flags and sea, we when to the little streets of the old town, to capture the essence of Saint Tropez, the colourful walls, the old building, and the history of Saint Tropez.



The Saint Tropez Proposal announcement slideshow made with music they love:



Saint Tropez proposal Photographer

Planning to propose in Saint Tropez or would like to plan the perfect wedding proposal ? I would be pleased to help you work on the detail, to make sure it is an easy and amazing moment.
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