[Saint Tropez] Wedding Proposal Guide

Looking to propose your beloved one in Saint Tropez or stunning surrounding French Riviera? Read information to help you plan the perfect proposal.

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Where to propose in Saint Tropez

Two main options for a wedding proposal in Saint Tropez, are small streets and seaside. Have you Saint Tropez proposal with the famous town or the Gulf as a backdrop. Stroll the small streets for a historic location, to make it more intimate. If you have a car, we can do proposal or engagement pictures in the vineyards and towns near Saint Tropez.
You can also make the proposal in your hotel garden, beach or balcony. Allowance and special rules must be checked with the hotel. If you have a car you can drive to one of the stunning proposal locations close to Saint Tropez (full loop is around 2 hours without traffic).

How to get to Saint Tropez for your proposal

When to propose in Saint Tropez

Weather is fantastic all year long in Saint Tropez. For more intimacy and so as to avoid summer crowd, I would advice late spring, early fall.
For best light, you should do pictures at sunset or sunrise. Most of the time, proposal are done at sunset, this way, you can continue your evening with a romantic dinner.

If you want longer session, we do advice to do a Saint Tropez Engagement session or a French Riviera Couple session in another gorgeous location, on another day. Thus making sure you will enjoy your proposal and then be able to relax.

Find out more gorgeous locations for a proposal on the French Riviera (works also for engagement and honeymoon sessions): https://wildroses.fr/where-to-propose-on-the-french-riviera/

Saint Tropez Wedding Proposal Experience and Photographer

Our team is here to help you get the most from your Saint Tropez proposal. Once the proposal date has been booked, your photographer will help you planned the perfect location and setup. The person you will talk / mail to will be the one that will be with you. We can also help you arrange transport/decoration/flower/ Champagne picnic on the beach. We can offer your routes we love or plan a custom route for you.

Please head to the contact page and let us know what and how you would like the picture to showcase your proposal: https://wildroses.fr/contact/

The team is based on the French Riviera, so fees will apply for proposal near Saint Tropez.

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