Marrakesh Honeymoon Session [Morocco]

Dreaming of Morocco and Marrakesh? those lovebirds decided to fly Morocco so as to enjoy a couple session in their wedding dress and suit. An amazing moment in the busy small streets of the Medina, to the quiet nature of the desert with a breathtaking view of the snowy mountains of the Atlas.

Their wedding between French Riviera and Provence has already been amazing, emotional and sunny. They wanted to live anew the magic of their wedding day. They both love to travel and already enjoyed Morocco and wanted to have their own post-wedding couple session. 6 months after their wedding, we have flown from the French Riviera to this magic country.  Melodie, the Bride, wanted to enjoy the city, the natural landscape, cactus, the palm grove and of course the camel ride. Guillaume, the groom wanted her to have everything she deserves.  Even being shy, they both went through the cold, the crowd, and were super brave. You can feel how much they love each other, laugh together, and are amazing people, in the pictures of their couple session.

Honeymoon night in a Riad in Marrakesh

The Riad where they stay was amazing, they almost had the first floor only for them. Hidden in the old town, we went through small streets, to reach a heavy wood door, under a tunnel. The architecture, the black and white color, the palm trees, it was elegance and luxury. The perfect place for them, to get ready, before the photoshoot.


Morocco’s desert couple session

Both ready and beautiful, we drove to the Atlas mountains and desert, crossing the crowded and colorful streets of Marrakech. Driving under the old gates of the Royal Castle, surrounded by hundreds of motorbikes and Dacia cars. In a few minutes we were out of the busy city, in the middle of the desert, with only sand, rocks, and cactus. It was so silent, so mystic being there with nobody around us. Few hours in the desert seems to be days out of the civilization and its craziness. In the desert, you can also find amazing places for wedding pictures like the Palais Selman and its beautiful architecture, gardens and Arab horses. We had a tea along the artificial lake  lalla takerkoust at le felouka. the View on the Atlas mountains is breathtaking.



Bride and Groom Camel ride in the Palm trees

When you think about Sahara desert, lost valleys in Atlas mountains, you have in mind oasis, camels and palm trees. So as to find all of them we drove the famous Marrakech Palmeraie, where you can ride camels and have fun!


Marrakesh Jemaa el-Fnaa place Sunset

One of the best places to have a mint tea in Marrakech is from a terrace overlooking the Jemaa el-Fnaa place, at sunset. We did few pictures on the place and were quickly surrounded by people congratulating the bride and groom. Not an easy exercise for a shy couple, but people were really kind.


Dar Soukkar Marrakech wedding dinner

To finish this day perfectly, had an excellent dinner and enjoy a belly dance traditional show, we went to Dar Soukkar Marrakech. The Dar Soukkar is also a famous wedding venue in Marrakech. We were able to do few night shoots in and out of the restaurant.



This unique couple session would not have been so easy, without the help of a Moroccan wedding planner: Elmira Events. Sarah Helped the Bride and Groom with the Riad, to find excellent wedding vendors, to have the best locations and deals, to create the beautiful pictures.


Thank you so much, Melodie and Guillaume, it has been an honor to document your gorgeous weekend! You are both such lovely and gorgeous people, it has been a huge pleasure sharing those two days with you.



Wedding Vendors in Marrakech and Marocco

Wedding Planner Marrakech and French Riviera: Elmira Events
Makeup and Hair Dress:
Wedding dress Caftan: Elmira Events
Wedding photographer Marrakech:
Riad and Wedding venues Marrakech: &


Elmira Events is a wedding agency specialized in destination weddings and Elopements in Morocco, it has excellent wedding vendors and venues in all major cities of Morocco.




Words and advice from the Bride and Groom, about their wedding day after session in Marrakech

What did you prefer?

– Melodie: Sunset on Jemaa el-Fnaa place
– Guillaume: The architecture or Marrakech, the Riad.
– M&G : It is amazing, how in few minutes, you can have a totally different surrounding.

Most funny Memory?

– M&G: The Camel ride in the palm grove.

Advice for other couples planning a post-wedding session?

– Plan a huge suitcase (or two)
– Do not rush to do your day after, let time go. So as to plenty live en enjoy your post-wedding couple session.
– Choose carefully when you fly to destination (Morocco was cold in February)
– Melodie: a Makeup and hair dress is a must, you really feel as beautiful as on your wedding day.
– Have good shoes, you will walk kilometers
– Have some rest before your couple session, the shooting last from 10AM to 10PM, quite a long (but amazing) day.



Wedding and Elopement photographer in Morocco,  Marrakech, and Casablanca


You love this couple session in Morocco and would like to do the same? If you love my photography style,  I would be pleased to create stunning images of your elopement or couple session in Marrakech, Casablanca or other amazing place Morocco offers. Please get in touch, and let me know the details of your perfect couple session, you have in mind.



Marrakech airport :

You currently (2018) have to do 4 queues, so as to get to the plane gate, each one lasting between 30 to 45 minutes.
Make sure to arrive at the airport, 3 hours before your flight departure, or you might miss it

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