[Bahrain] Kaya First Birthday

Child birthday is always an important moment. 1st birthday is even more important, so this little princess got her own photo session. With her mother we went to the old fort at sunset to get quick pictures of her playing with balloon. I even had the chance to picture her standing up for the first time: magic. As the young lady had to go to sleep, we did a quick tour in the souk and head back home. There is at Bab Al Bahrain (Manama) AMAZING craft shop and people.

Thank you so much Noril and Darryl for this lovely session and your kindness. I can’t wait to document other important story of your life!


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Beeing a Father of 2 daughters myself, I love document kids life, create memories of them for their parents and their own children-to-be.
I can’t wait to fly back to Bahrain for other gorgeous couple, wedding and family photo session.

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