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[How To] Wedding Proposal Eze

Please find below information to help you plan the perfect proposal in Eze.
The best view for me is from the top of the Exotic Garden.
The best time for the proposal is just before sunset or early morning, as there are fewer people in the town, and the light is beautiful.



So as to have your beloved one dress well, let her/him know you will have dinner in a fine restaurant.
The finest restaurants in Eze to have your dinner after your wedding proposal are Chateau Eza and La Chèvre d’Or.
Le Chateau Eza : https://www.chateaueza.com/
La Chèvre d’Or : https://www.chevredor.com/



Planning tips: to get there before dinner time, let your beloved one know, you have booked a table for the cocktail and enjoy the sunset.
Planning tips: So as to get to the top of the hill, it is a 10-minutes walk, with many stairs, make sure to have comfortable shoes.
Planning tips: Once you are at the top of the hill, give yourself  minutes, to take your breath back, enjoy the view

Where to 
: at the entrance of the village, the town, on the hill is pedestrian-only.

You can find opening hours of the Exotic garden on its website: http://www.jardinexotique-eze.fr/en/informations/


Planning your wedding proposal on the French Riviera

Find on the blog information to help you plan the perfect wedding proposal on the French Riviera.

There is dozen of fantastic locations for a wedding proposal on the French Riviera, those are my favorites ones :



Wedding Proposal Photographer on the French Riviera(Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Eze, Monaco)

If you want to propose your beloved one, want to keep amazing pictures from it, I would be pleased to help you plan the perfect proposal on the French Riviera, and make it easy and effortless for you.
Feel free to contact me, and let me know what would be the perfect wedding proposal, the perfect proposal location, the perfect proposal mood, for you and your beloved one:





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