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[Plan] Wedding Proposal at Castle Hill Nice [French Riviera]

Planning your wedding proposal in Nice (French Riviera)? Castle Hill has one of the nicest views over the French Riviera. Find information and the best places for your wedding proposal in Nice in this article.


How to get to the top of castle hill for your proposal

You can walk the stair or use the elevator. It closes earlier than the park, so you would have to be there 20-30 minutes before the proposal. But it is free and would avoid walking up the hill. The elevator entrance is at the bottom is at 1 Rue des Ponchettes, 06300 Nice.

Elevator entrance changes depending on the time of the year :

  • January – March: 10H – 17H30
  • April – May: 9H – 18H30
  • June – August: 9H – 19H30
  • Septembre: 9H – 18H30
  • October – December: 10H – 17H30Last way down is 20 minutes after the closing of the bottom entrance

Castle hill Opening hours: 

  • April – Septembre: 8H30 – 20H00
  • October – March  : 8H30 – 18H00

More information about the park: https://en.nicetourisme.com/nice/92-parc-de-la-colline-du-chateau

If you are driving, you can park in Nice old town parkings, where you will be able to have a drink after your proposal


Where to propose  (best views)

The best place for your proposal depends on what you value the most, pure seaside, Nice’s old town view, natural surrounding view. I try not to have the brides-to-be climbing to the top of the cliff. The view is not way more nicest, but with hills, it is way more complicated for them. I also go to the places where the backdrop and the lights are the nicest.

Those are my favorite locations:




Location 1  view (grooms’ favorite) 

Location 2 view


Planning your wedding proposal on the French Riviera

Find the blog information to help you plan the perfect wedding proposal on the French Riviera.

There is dozen of fantastic locations for a wedding proposal on the French Riviera, those are my favorites ones :



Wedding Proposal photographer Nice and French Riviera

Nice is one of the beautiful places French Riviera offers for a proposal. Let me know your location or a location you would love, we could plan a custom session route for both of you. Find inspiration for other gorgeous proposal locations and idea on the blog :




Planning your wedding proposal on the French Riviera, remotely and secretly, can be quite challenging. If you want beautiful pictures and help to make it perfect feel free to contact me. Don’t be shy, the more details you give me the best I will be able to help you (head to the contact/book your session page).


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