[Lucile+Angelo] Wedding day after in Rome

Loving the Dolce Vita and dreaming of Rome and Italy, fly with us to Rome for a lovely after wedding session exploring the city.

At the first met when they were looking for their wedding photographer, I could feel how much Lucile and Angelo loved this city, the street, the architecture and the food. We started discussing the wedding. The after wedding session in Rome became obvious. So after their wedding in the South of France, we were all excited to relive the magic of their wedding in Italy. Flying together there, spend an evening and morning, focused on them, their love and the city.

And this city! The history is just so amazing! It is like walking in a huge museum, feeling the power of the past and the Roman empire.

It was so hot in the afternoon (40°C) that we decided to do just a couple of session in the evening, waiting for the cooler temperature of the morning.
A lovely moment exploring parks, little streets, and monuments. The street from the Colosseum to the Piazza Venezia is magic, you have the glory of the past everywhere you look.
We finish the session in an excellent Italian restaurant close by (Lucile is crazy about Italian food).

A small night later we woke up early the morning to enjoy the streets of Rome empty of tourists and the crowd. We started at 6 AM by the Palatino, Circo Massimo and stopped by the Colosseum.
Angelo loves Alfa Romeo, we then drove to Pantheon to do a picture with his white Giulia, the building is so huge, it’s impressive standing between the column (we feel so tiny).
You can go to Rome if you don’t go to the Tiber River, so we went to Angelo Bridge and the Corte Suprema di Cassazione (Lucile is a Lawyer)
Has it became hotter, we finished under the shade of the Villa Borghese park and its fountains.

This Wedding Day After in Rome has been amazing and exhausting, but it will be such unforgettable memories for all three of us, that it deserves the long walk!

Thank you, Lucile and Angelo, for your trust and being such a kind couple, can’t wait for the baby session!


The wedding dress is the bride’s mother dress, “updated” by a Wedding dress creator based in the south of France : https://www.marynea.com



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